Deezer goes global, streaming music service coming to over 100 new countries

Many folks here in the good ol' US of A are familiar with streaming music services like Pandora, Rhapsody and Spotify, but may not be aware that Deezer dishes out tunes to those across the pond. Just last month it launched a mobile service on Orange, France's largest carrier, and now the company's looking to gain a far larger geographic footprint. Deezer plans to launch in over 100 more countries in the near future, and is in the process of partnering up with a bunch of other telcos to do it. It's taking an unusual approach to expansion, going for aurally under served areas instead of joining the fray in the biggest music markets in the US and Japan -- Indonesians and Brazilians gotta get down on Friday too, you know. The reason for doing so? Acquiring rights in the US is difficult (and expensive), but global licenses are easier to come by, which lets the Deezer diaspora occur by the dozen. So rejoice music lovers around the world, you'll soon be able to get your Deezer on.