Mythos Europe shutting down October 27th

Screenshot -- Mythos

European Mythos fans should say their farewells, as Frogster has announced that the game's European servers will be shutting down on October 27th. According to the official forum post, while "MYTHOS enjoyed great popularity with the launch in April and the numerous registered users ensured a good start [...] The desired long-term success unfortunately did not follow," and for that reason, the game's service is being discontinued.

In order to make the game's twilight hours enjoyable for players, the dev team is sending missing quest items to all players so that they can go into the great beyond with a clean quest log. Purchases from the cash shop are no longer possible, and all servers have the maximum experience and luck buffs. Players whose accounts have been registered and active in the past three months will also be given vouchers redeemable for diamonds and/or mounts in Runes of Magic, in hopes that players will find a new home in Frogster's other popular title.

For the full server shutdown details, check out the forum post over on the Mythos official site.