NEC's Tele Scouter head-mounted display makes it really hard to not look evil

Case in point: the guy on the right. Sure, he's probably a mild-mannered, law-abiding citizen, but with NEC's Tele Scouter strapped to his spectacles, he looks just a wee bit sinister, doesn't he? The system he's wearing consists of a paperback-sized computer powered by an ARM 500MHz CPU and an AirScouter display mounted atop a pair of glasses. The display, manufactured by Brother, projects images upon the naked eye, but NEC insists that it won't completely block a user's field of vision. To the viewer, in fact, these projections appear as if they were displayed on a 16-inch, 800 x 600 screen standing one meter away. According to NEC, the idea is to allow employees to view manuals or other important documents while working with their hands, though that kind of multi-task wizardry certainly won't come for cheap. The Tele Scouter will begin shipping on December 26th, with the device priced at ¥400,000 (about $5,200) and the software sitting at ¥1.9 million (around $25,000).