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Spotify releases preview app for BlackBerry users, but not all of them

BlackBerry users haven't had a whole lot to celebrate in recent days, but at least they now have Spotify. Today, the Swedish startup unveiled a preview version of its music streaming app, available to download from its Previews page. At this point, the app is compatible with the 9780 Bold, 9700 Bold, 9300 Curve, 9000 Bold and 8520 Curve handsets, though the Torch 9800 has been left in the cold. It's also worth noting that the service only supports GSM networks (no CDMA, as of yet) and requires a Premium subscription of $10 per month. No word yet on when Spotify will arrive on App World, or whether it'll add extra support when it does, but early birds can grab their worm at the source link, below.

[Thanks, Daniel]