ASUS Zenbook gets taken apart, finds the peace within

It's certainly not very Zen, but AnandTech has pried open ASUS' 11.6-inch ultrabook to see exactly what makes it all tick. The Zenbook's innards are all tightly packed together inside the oh-so-thin casing, with the UX21's slim-line cooler covering both of the Intel Core i7-2677M processors. The 128GB model has been given an ADATA SDD, while the bigger 256GB version runs on SanDisk storage, with the WiFi card contorted to squeeze inside the aluminum alloy body. ASUS has extended its design sensibilities outside of the tightly-packed casing, with the Microsoft serial number and certificate transplanted to the power unit, which leaves the Zenbook's slick design lines and finish peacefully untainted. Those desperate for more details on the rig's workings and accessories can find inner calm at the link below.