NVIDIA CEO confirms Tegra roadmap, building all now: Kal-El, Wayne, Logan, Stark

NVIDIA's historically outspoken CEO, Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang, just took the stage here at AsiaD, and among other things, he confirmed to Walt that the Tegra roadmap is well established, and in fact, the entire next-gen range is being produced (internally, of course) right now. That's Kal-El, Wayne, Logan and Stark, all codenamed after superheroes -- Superman, Batman, Wolverine and Ironman, in order of mention. In response to a question of if ASUS' Transformer Prime would be "the first Tegra 3-based product," Huang simply answered "probably."

He continued by explaining that it generally takes around three years to build a new generation of Tegra: "We'd like to have a processor every year, and so we're building three in a row." Tegra 3 will end up being the world's first quad-core ARM processor (much like the Tegra 2 was the first dual-core), and he confirmed that NVIDIA has invested some $2 billion in Tegra alone. Finally, he confirmed that the inner workings we've heard about in Project Denver will first be present in the Tegra line with the introduction of Stark -- a long ways out, but at least you've got something (else) to look forward to.