Alibaba unveils W800, second-gen Aliyun phone, and unnamed 'cloud-powered' tablet

In July we got our first taste of Aliyun OS, running on the W700. Now, with the Gregorian calendar year coming to a close, Alibaba is prepping its second wave "cloud-powered" hardware. First up is the W800, the successor to the original Aliyun handset. As far as specs go, the two look more or less the same -- with the latest version still rocking a 1GHz Tegra 2. The one obvious difference is the slightly larger 4.3-inch display gracing the front of the W800. Perhaps more interesting though, is the still unnamed tablet which also clearly bares NVIDIA branding. Speed and exact model of the CPU inside is anyone's guess, but we're assuming this isn't a Kal-el device. Price and release date for both are a mystery, but the W800 is expected to land sometime before November is out. Of course, you probably shouldn't expect these to show up in your local Best Buy, but you've got a friend in Hong Kong who can send you one, right?