Ben Heck gets into the pinball business for real, pre-orders begin in January

Ben Heck's Zombie Adventureland

Benjamin J. Heckendorn, the name likely conjures images of shrunken gaming consoles and specially modified controllers. But the modder extraordinaire also has an unapologetic love for pinball. He completed his first flipper project in March of 2007, a Bill Paxton-themed machine loaded with classic quotes from the actor. Then in 2011, he undertook an amazingly complex game based on the beloved, meandering (and highly overrated) show Lost. Now he's teaming up with John Popadiuk, a renowned maker of limited run pinball machines, to offer his chrome-balled gaming visions to the public. The two are working together on a creation called Ben Heck's Zombie Adventureland. All the artwork will be hand-drawn and each machine hand-assembled. How many will be made and how much it'll cost for the privilege of putting one of these in your home or arcade (or home arcade) is still a mystery, but pre-orders begin in January and you can bet they'll sell out quickly.