DIY e-bike hack gets washing machine motorization, stuck on permanent spin cycle (video)

Do all dead washing machines go to meet that lonely Maytag repairman in the sky? Nope, some of'em get their guts repurposed for use in hipster transportation, otherwise known as bicycles. At least that's what one fed up, frugal Munich denizen did to avoid that German's city costly PT fees. It's not what you'd call an elegant hack, as our DIYer's had to haphazardly rig up his washer's 300W motor to the bike's frame and stuff two clunky 12Ah batteries into a sidebag off the back tire. Still, it appears to get the job done, spinning at a max of 3000rpms with an ejector button on / off switch affixed to the right hand brake. We're not sure how well or reliably this modjob fares on busy roadways, so for the time being we'll just stick to Vespas. Check out the video after the break for an unmoving portrait of this eFahrrad.