SMK's touchscreen registers your gloved swipes, won't acknowledge the bad touch

Somewhere in an underground ice lair, Jack Frost's prepping to nip at noses and keep covered hands from touch devices. But SMK Corp's got a capacitive solution set to thwart old man winter's digitus interruptus. On display at this year's FPD International in Japan, the company's touchscreen innovation incorporates a specialized chip capable of highly-sensitive pressure detection that works in conjunction with a noise-filtering sensor to make your gloved gestures readable. It's good news for those of us subject to occasional bouts of frostbitten weather, but don't clap just yet -- these panels will initially be headed to in-car navigation systems. Still, with the displays workable on screens up to 8-inches in size, it's possible we could be seeing this tech extend to smartphones in the near future. So, there's a remedy out there folks, but while you wait for it, it's best to keep those glittens close at hand.