Google Music mobile landing page hints tunes are coming to the Android Market

Sadly, we weren't able to replicate the screenshot above but, if it's legit, it could mean that a Google Music store is right around the corner. Reports are coming in that visiting on your Android phone brings up a page suggesting you, A, upload your personal music collection, and B, "shop millions of songs in the Android Market." Clearly Google is tinkering away behind the scenes: the links on the earliest versions of the splash page were reported to be broken, then they led to the about page for Google Music Manager and the nonexistent respectively. Now, all traces of it are gone. Add to this the familiar shopping bag-shaped music icon that popped up in the developer build of Chrome OS last week and it's looking like we're inching ever closer to a Google Music shop launch. Check out the full sized image after the break.

[Thanks, Tomer]

Google Music Store?