Microsoft cracks open a window to the future, anticipates our laziness (video)

In the future, we'll all be slaves to rectangles. No, really. Well, at least that's the prognosis, albeit sanitized, Microsoft has slickly pieced together in its Productivity Future Vision concept video. It's a mostly seamless world where all of our interactions are made to be mobile, virtual, efficient and white-washed, but it actually just reads as too darn fussy and overcomplicated. Sure, we could get behind contactless payment, tablets with holographic displays and eyeglasses that translate conversations when you've just stepped off a red eye into some foreign destination -- that's all incredibly useful. But car windows with agenda overlays and transparent refrigerator door displays? Some things are better left lo-tech. For Redmond's part, the company's merely aiming to project ways these various implementations of "real technology" will intersect and "actively assist" us with our harried lives. Take a peek at MS' sanctioned tomorrow land and its sparse piano soundtrack after the break.