Nokia's N9 gets its tap-to-pair on with the Play 360 Bluetooth speaker (video)

Oh, Meego, we barely knew ye. Yet, the Finnish OS that could continues to shower us with glimpses of what might've been... more widespread, that is. At least we have the consolation prize of seeing your host hardware, the N9, effortlessly display its untapped powers of NFC. Shown off here in a demo taken at the just wrapped Nokia World, that tap-to-pair functionality we'd previously seen in HP's webOS devices and, more recently as ICS' Android Beam, bridges the blue polycarbonate slab to a Play 360 speaker by a mere gentle swipe. That's all it takes to send tracks from Nokia's Music app direct to the Bluetooth peripheral's curvature continuous form. Like what you see? Then hopefully these tricked out features will make their way to identical twin Lumia's Mango-fied line. Full video awaits you just after the break.