Rotor Concept HPQ-1 quadcopter eyes-on (video)

We're here at the PhotoPlus show in New York, and as usual, the stranger products are being showcased on the outskirts of the show. A company called Rotor Concept out of Southern California was showing off the HPQ-1, a quadcopter designed to lug around your digital camera.The copter itself is surprisingly quiet and steady, the latter of which is no doubt helped out by the presence of four propellers and advanced stabilization system (put the controller down and it will automatically hold its position).

The HPQ-1 can hold payloads of up to 12 ounces, so users can use standard digital cameras to live stream events or a pair of smaller shooters to capture arial 3D clips. According to the company, SWAT teams are looking into using the product for surveillance. The other recommended usage? Weddings, of course. The copter can reach a max altitude of 2,000 feet and has a theoretical maximum flight radius of up to a mile. It's available now for an MSRP of $899. Peep a quick video after the break.

Terrence O'Brien contributed to this report.