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How Arduino got its start: a behind the scenes revelation

Plenty of tales have cropped up through the years focusing on the roots of Arduino -- a tiny circuit board that holds a special place in the heart of every modern-day DIYer -- but a recent expose from the folks at Ieee Spectrum has a behind-the-scenes look that'll impress even historians. Massimo Banzi is the name, and Bar di Re Arduino is the place. The former is hailed as an Italian cofounder of the project he dubbed Arduino in honor of the latter, and in time, four more folks would join him to create what would become a complete gamechanger in the universe of homegrown electronics. We've covered initiatives built on Arduino for years here at Engadget. Everything from sigh collectors to early warning systems for pastry chefs has been built around the platform, and the story of how we got to the place we are now is a fascinating one. We won't introduce any spoilers here -- tap that source link below to enjoy at your own pace.