Nintendo's eShop plans: premium DLC, game demos, smartphone shopping, relevancy

Nintendo's latest earnings report may be a litany of woe, but at least the outfit's semi-annual financial results briefing bore good news: the 3DS eShop is about to get a kick in the pants. Today's 3DS store gets the job done, but it's hampered by disorganized categories, limited accessibility, and poor download management. Want something better? It's on the way -- a late November update is slated to bring "sleep mode" background downloading to the fledgling console, and opens the door for publishers to release in-game premium DLC and "limited-play" demos. Nintendo is even taking steps to address the handheld's lousy shopping experience, announcing a companion website where users will be able to browse the eShop from a PC or smartphone. Eventually 3DS owners will be able to buy content directly from the eShop website, but at launch shoppers will need to scan a QR code with the handheld to make a purchase. It's not a perfect plan, but at least it's a start. Baby steps Nintendo, baby steps.