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Windows 8 desktop interface swaps classic theme for Metro, gets with the times

Microsoft's Windows 8 developer preview greeted us with an interface steeped in Redmond's new Metro style -- its tile-centric start screen is sleek, fresh, and downright pretty. Imagine our surprise then, when the preview's desktop default view punted us straight back to the contemporary "Aero" dressing of Windows 7. It's not an ugly interface by any means, but shiny, translucent window frames are so last generation. Where's the style? In the big M's latest Building Windows 8 preview, of course. The MSDN blog's latest Task Manager update shows the familiar feature in a clean Metro suit. Although Aero is still the OS' default look, the Windows 7 basic theme has been substituted for a style heavily inspired by Metro's clean tiles. The post doesn't say much on the matter (nothing at all, in fact), but it's nice to see the classic interface getting a facelift to match Microsoft's new look. Want to see more? Hit the source link below, it's got all the Metro window frames you could ask for.

Update: This post originally misstated that the updated Basic theme was a new style, but in fact, it is already available in the Windows 8 developer preview.