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Your geekiest Halloween costumes

Your geekiest Halloween costumes
Brian Heater
Brian Heater|October 31, 2011 3:03 PM
Sure, we may have had our official Halloween costume contest on October's Engadget Show, but who are we to deprive you the reader of taking part in the spooky holiday fun? We've asked everyone to send in their geeky costumes and got some great responses, from the above playable Game Boy, to Barf from Spaceballs, to the requisite Vulcan, to a handful of Steve Jobses. Check out some of our favorites after the break, and continue to send them along to tips [at] engadget [dot] com.%Gallery-137985%

Your fancy new 3DS has nothing on this giant-sized Game Boy from Matthew P. He's got an SNES controller at the ready, and like Nintendo's latest portable console, no glasses are required -- unless you need them to avoid bumping into stuff at dimly lit Halloween parties, of course.

What to say about this Barf getup? Halloween costumes don't get much more geeky than supporting cast members from Mel Brooks movies. Thanks George G.

Doris Y's costume is lo-res and high concept.
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