NCsoft releases brief Lineage II F2P trailer

Lineage II - skimpy armor

Lineage II is going free-to-play. This isn't news (or rather, it's old news at this point, amirite?). We wish we could tell you when the stalwart fantasy title is flipping the free-to-play switch, but unfortunately NCsoft's big announcement earlier this afternoon made no mention of a release date.

The company did unveil a new trailer that clocks in at just under a minute in length, and it boasts of 400 hours' worth of gameplay and optional leveling and quality-of-life enhancements from the L2 store. There's also a new section of the Lineage II website devoted to the "truly free" marketing campaign. Other than that, though, there are still more questions than answers, and your guess is as good as ours when it comes to release dates for the long-awaited Goddess of Destruction content and the business-model switcheroo.

In terms of additional info, ZAM recently interviewed NCsoft bigwigs and wrangled some pricing-related details out of them (most items are in the one dollar range, with some as high as $15 depending on whether or not they're time-limited). We'll keep you update with more L2 F2P news bits as they happen.