Texas Sheriff's office receives weaponizable drone, alarms local news station

Ready to supersize your favorite RC helicopter and bullseye some perps with an aerial bean bag launcher? The Sheriff's office in Montgomery County, Texas is, and it's really freaking out the local news. KPRC Local 2 News feverishly asks if the Sheriff's new unmanned Shadowhawk helicopter is a safety asset, or a privacy violation -- we just think it's awesome. Built and sold by Vanguard Defense Industries, this wireless whirlybird comes equipped with a remote video camera, an infrared heat-seeking device and an onboard GPS. It's also capable of carrying weapons, although the Sheriff said that there were no plans to weaponize the UAV. The 50-pound chopper is FAA approved to help track down criminals on the run or assist swat teams in a standoff -- a blessing that should keep this police drone from being grounded. Hit the source link below see KPRC's local coverage, "Big Brother" freakout and all.