World of Tanks introduces stealth with Update 7.0

Snow camo - World of Tanks

The newly announced Update 7.0 for World of Tanks contains a laundry list of new content for the wildly popular free-to-play MMO.

First up, we have two new maps -- Fjords and Swamp -- where the clan warfare can take on an extra challenge with the highly anticipated camouflage system, applied to all maps. This version of stealth allows certain skins to be applied to the tanks that will "provide enhanced invisibility and add more to the strategic element of tank combat." Keep in mind that this isn't some kind of magic invisibility spell; it's an authentic camouflage pattern applied to the tanks, according to which map you're in.

In addition, Update 7.0 also introduces fog of war for Clan Wars, hiding the other team's roster, and clan emblems to let other players know how you roll.

For more on this update, check out the World of Tanks site, as well as our recent interview with from GDC Online 2011.

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