iOS 5.0.1 beta seeded to developers, battery life fixes and multitasking gestures in tow

Well that didn't take long. After officially commenting on iOS 5's battery woes, Apple's gone and issued a beta of iOS 5.0.1 for developers to help fix the flaw. Per the changelog, build 9A402 fixes bugs relating to battery life and iCloud document syncing, improves voice recognition for Aussies and re-enables multitasking gestures on the original iPad. That last item is of particular interest to iPad devs, who had their ability to enable four-finger gestures unceremoniously yanked by Apple in iOS 5's final release. We welcome these goodies with open arms, but here's hoping universal Siri support comes in iOS 5.0.2.

Update: According to 9to5Mac, the iPad 2's Smart Cover passcode vulnerability has also been fixed.

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