Soundfreaq's Sound Stack Bluetooth speaker sports dual subwoofers, $400 pricetag

Soundfreaq doesn't release speaker systems often, but it's safe to expect something spectacularly sexy when it does. Such is exactly the case with its latest audiophile-aimed creation, the Sound Stack wireless speaker. The company is toting this $400 Bluetooth-enabled HiFi rig as a "2.2" speaker system, thanks to its DubSub design -- a duo of active subwoofers pump out lowend in an effort to complement its two other "full-range" drivers. Soundfreaq's also packed this puppy with its UQ3 processing to keep the soundstage wide despite the unit's size. Better yet, downloading a free Remote App (available on Android and iOS) unlocks the system's FM radio -- perfect for when you're feeling nostalgic. If that wasn't enough, the Sound Stack's also loaded with an iThing dock and a USB input, both of which can be used to re-juice your devices while streaming. If your Gadget Acquisition Syndrome is already kicking in, fret not, the Sound Stack is available for purchase now. You'll find more details past the break.

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Los Angeles, November 2, 2011 – Soundfreaq today announced the launch of Sound Stack, the company's latest and largest hi-fi wireless speaker. Sound Stack is the third Bluetooth home speaker in the acclaimed Soundfreaq line --joining Soundfreaq's highly reviewed Sound Platform, Sound Step & Sound Step Recharge -- making it the most complete offering of Bluetooth speaker docks on the market.

Meticulously crafted for audiophiles, Sound Stack captures the nuance of every note and complements every genre of music at any volume. Sound Stack features DubSub™, a unique 2.2 speaker configuration pairing two full-range drivers with two active subwoofers. DubSub™ technology combined with custom-engineered Kevlar-reinforced drivers, a tuned triple-ported housing and Soundfreaq's proprietary UQ3™ spatial sound enhancement brings a level of acoustic innovation not typically offered in a speaker dock. Sound Stack delivers power to fill even the biggest room in your home while maintaining clarity and fidelity for the discerning ear.

"After two years in development, we're extremely proud of the acoustic bar that Sound Stack sets. It delivers power with detail, bringing instruments and voices closer to the listener than on any home system we've heard," said Matthew Paprocki, co-founder and creative director of Soundfreaq. "Throughout our testing, enthusiasts and artists alike have commented that they 'can see the music being played.' Combined with our industry-leading feature set and value, it's a no-compromise product."

As with all Soundfreaq products, Sound Stack allows users to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth compatible device including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Blackberry. Sound Stack also features docking and charging for iPad, iPhone and iPod devices as well as a universal USB-charging port.

Not just for music, Sound Stack's exceptional audio enhances the entertainment experience for movies, TV shows, videos, games, and apps from any smart device. With Sound Stack, users can also connect to optical audio devices including Apple TV, Blu-ray DVD and gaming consoles with digital HD audio.

Available now, Sound Stack continues Soundfreaq's commitment to delivering a versatile
wireless audio entertainment experience, including:

· iPad Docking– iPad users can stream music wirelessly, and now can also dock and charge their iPad, with or without a case.

· Charge A Second Device – Universal USB power port allows users to charge any USB-chargeable gadget including Blackberry, Android and Apple phones and Bluetooth headsets.

· More than Music –Sound Stack is perfect for enhancing any entertainment experience delivering crystal clear audio for movies, TV shows, videos, games, Internet radio and every app, including Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, TiVo, Spotify and HBO GO.

· Soundfreaq Remote App for Apple and Android – Users can turn their Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device into the ultimate remote control by downloading the free Soundfreaq Remote App which includes access to Sound Stack's internal FM radio.

· AAC Lossless Transfer – Stream AAC music files from the iOS music player on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in their native format without degradation in quality.

· Perfect for Multi-Device, Multi-User Households and Compatible for Future Devices – Sound Stack is designed for both today's and tomorrow's smart devices using Bluetooth – the portable wireless standard.

Sound Stack is immediately available at Crutchfield and other CE- and specialty-audio retailers. A full list of retailers and more information is available on