Galaxy Nexus gets rooted, forums burst into applause

To root or not to root -- that's never really been a question for Nexus owners. Google's purebred Android phones are by nature developer-friendly and ship with a painless ability to unlock their bootloaders. So, it comes as no great surprise that well-known modder Modaco has achieved this very feat on the Galaxy Nexus, although it is nice to this Ice Cream Sandwich flagship upholding tradition. Whatever your personal computing OS choice, the superboot image file provided at the source will work for you, pushing the superuser APK to your handset and granting you administrator privileges. Retail versions of the phone will likely come locked, so be prepared to wipe your data if you choose to go down this route (pun definitely intended). As always, tinkering with high-end mobile toys comes with the usual associated risks, so proceed with caution. And remember the cardinal rule -- friends don't let friends root their phones.