Live from HTC's Beats Audio product launch!

Who's ready for some hot HTC smartphone action? We know we are. This party's about to get started, and HTC is bringing the Beats. Can the Rezound be too far behind?

09:30AM - Hawaii (November 3rd)
12:30PM - Pacific (November 3rd)
01:30PM - Mountain (November 3rd)
02:30PM - Central (November 3rd)
03:30PM - Eastern (November 3rd)
07:30PM - London (November 3rd)
08:30PM - Paris (November 3rd)
11:30PM - Moscow (November 3rd)
04:30AM - Tokyo (November 4th)

4:13PM Thanks for joining us. We'll see you soon.

4:13PM Looks like we're wrapping up here. Rezound is coming November 14th for $299.99. And we're going go get a hands-on now.

4:12PM Best Buy is "excited about the holidays." Yep, we'd figure as much.

4:11PM Scott's talking about how awesome Verizon, Beats and HTC all are. It's a Rezounding love in here.

4:10PM It's time to talk retail partners now. The Rezound is coming to Verizon stores and Best Buy. it's time for Scott Anderson from Best Buy Mobile to talk.

4:09PM It's gonna be available November 14th for $299. Thanks Jeff.

4:08PM Jeff's talking about music again -- downloading high quality sound over LTE, while you're making a voice call.

4:08PM It'll run Sense 3.5, for those keeping track at home.

4:07PM Verizon's Marketing VP Jeff Dietel is going to talk availability now.

4:07PM To sum up: 720p HD display, Beats Audio, Ice Cream Sandwich-ready, and HTC Sense.

4:06PM The Rezound is going to ship with a custom pair of Beats earbuds. Get your red wires on, people.

4:05PM And we're back to Beats. This thing has "the best audio experience" on a smartphone. We'll see, we'll see.

4:04PM Oh, it's got slow motion in it, too. Gonna enjoy playing with this one. They're showing off a pretty gnarly video of a dude doing a flip over a flight of stairs. Rad.

4:04PM The Rezound has built-in live effects for images and video. Pretty neat.

4:03PM It's got an F2.2 lens and low-light sensors. Okay, the thing is 8MP and does 1080p video. Sounding pretty good on this end, too.

4:02PM It's got Panorama images and Instant Capture. No word on megapixels just yet.

4:02PM Camera time. How is that red accent camera we've heard so much about? He's getting to it, eventually.

4:00PM And we're back to multimedia. We're talking video. It's got HTC's first 720p HD display.

4:00PM What about Ice Cream Sandwich. It's shipping ICS-ready. They've got an "aggressive" plan to upgrade, "likely early next year."

3:59PM Hardware specs: 32GB of storage (with the microSD in), 1.5GHz processor, LTE, Sense UI, and 1GB of RAM. Looking pretty good from here so far.

3:57PM It has red accents (a Beats reference. When you take the back off, it's red inside. Awesome. Battery and all.

3:57PM And that's all for Jimmy now. Jason's back on stage, talking about design. We've got a close up of that cool textured back.

3:56PM "Dre is a sound pioneer who happens to be a rapper. Now every rapper has a headphone deal." Okay, you've won us over, Jimmy.

3:55PM Now they're showing the full line -- Doid Incredible 2, Thunderbolt, Rhyme, and our new friend, the Rezound. The "Z" in Rezound is stylized Verizon-style.

3:54PM Black Eyed Peas cameo, and a shot of Dre. behind the board. Annnnd more Jimmy.

3:54PM Jimmy is being interviewed on the video! So much Jimmy!

3:53PM Apparently they gave Jimmy the floor for half an hour. He's still introing this video.

3:52PM Jimmy's going to show us a video now. Hopefully it's him and Dre walking down the beach together (fingers crossed).

3:52PM "In this next year, you're going to see us do a lot of innovative things."

3:52PM Jimmy's also the CEO of Interscope -- "I hope it's still there."

3:51PM All right, we're on phones, finally. Kids walking around carry phones and iPods, because phones aren't good enough for music, sayeth Jimmy. "Let's go tackle HTC. Together, we will bring music to the phone. The record industry needs it."

3:50PM "Dell, make your computers sound better. It's important to us, it's important to the industry."

3:50PM Okay, back to headphones. "You can't play MP3s through one dollar speakers." Computer manufacturers aren't into good audio either, says Jimmy.

3:49PM Jimmy really doesn't want to talk about this phone. He's reminiscing about speakers and getting girls.

3:48PM Man, this is a long story.

3:47PM Jimmy talked to Steve Jobs about iTunes, and boy was he into it.

3:46PM Jimmy used to be a record producer. He went to Intel to complain about Napster. Intel wasn't into it. "Not every industry was made to last forever."

3:46PM He's gonna tell a small story. Beginning with Napster.

3:45PM Jimmy Iovine from Beats is taking the stage, and boy does he have a snazzy Dr. Who scarf on.

3:44PM "We believe that amazing audio is part of the mobile experience...we're very honored to have this chance to work with Beats."

3:43PM All right, Peter's got the thing in his hands now, and is pausing for pictures. Looks just like it did in the leaks.

3:43PM We've got some Beats headphones in the video, no surprise.

3:42PM It's video time. The thing is shattering through some glass. Don't try this at home, kids.

3:42PM Okay, the HTC Rezound. It's officially official.

3:41PM Okay, it's network time. Yep, Verizon is official. Still no mention of the word "Rezound" yet.

3:40PM All right, we're back on multimedia again. Not really surprising for an event with a Beats logo on it.

3:39PM People don't want a phone that comprises says Peter. Hear, hear.

3:39PM On Monday, we got news that the company is number one in market share for Q3 (a smattering of applause).

3:38PM HTC was named a Top 100 Global Brand last week. The first time a Taiwanese company has had that honor, apparently. All of that in five years.

3:37PM Peter has mentioned "quietly brilliant" twice. Everyone take two shots at home now.

3:37PM All right, we're going to get some 4G LTE on this thing, it sounds like. They're really leaking out these specs, one at a time.

3:36PM All right, it's CEO time. He's Peter Chou. He's telling us about the smartphone revolution. We're ready for it, Pete!

3:36PM The phone has "music at its heart and soul" (read: Beats).

3:35PM Jason MacKenzie, president of global market has taken the stage, and is thanking us (and you, I assume). Sounds like we're only getting one product today.

3:32PM By the by, Brian H. is on the words, Dana W. is on pics, and someone with a passion for mellow indie rock and the hits of the 80s is apparently on the wheels of steel.

3:30PM "Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats, the presentation will begin shortly." That goes for you at home. Grab a snack and cozy up.

3:25PM Verizon Wireless is presented and accounted for, so there's a little insight into carriers for you.

3:21PM And we're inside. Some nice mellow jazzy folk music happening right now. Soft colors, and, of course, giant HTC and Beats logos hovering above the screen. Nothing screams rock and roll, at the moment.