Republic Wireless to offer unlimited calls, SMS and data for $19 per month

Prepaid world, you're getting called out. Offering what appears to be the lowest unlimited everything plan we've seen thus far, Republic Wireless -- a division of -- is ready to roll out its game-changing service next Tuesday. The carrier will be doling out all-you-can-eat talk, text and data for $19 per month. We're still slim on the nitty gritty details, but we know the new network is so inexpensive because it plans to utilize hybrid Android devices that rely mainly on UMA (the same WiFi-calling tech employed by T-Mobile) and will drop back to cellular roaming on Sprint when you're not in range of a hotspot. The company's main site offers nothing more than a teaser for now, but promises that we'll know all of its secrets no later than November 8th. If you're pulling your hair out wanting to find out more, we guess the teaser was a success.