Advertisement heading to G-Star 2011

World of Tanks - tanks on fire's assault on the global MMO scene continues this month as the development firm heads to Korea for Asia's largest gaming-related tradeshow. The folks who brought you World of Tanks (and who will shortly be bringing you World of Warplanes, World of Battleships, and World of post-apocalyptic Volkswagen Beetles with chainguns mounted on their hoods) are traveling to G-Star 2011 to promote the recently released World of Tanks Korean language pack.

The team has also launched a promotional Korean website, and seems intent on creating a large presence in the Asian gaming market for its free-to-play action MMO brands. "We've created a truly high-quality AAA title with World of Tanks [which is] already wildly successful in Russia and in the West," said CEO Victor Kislyi via press release. "Now we are looking forward to promoting our product [in] the mature and competitive Korean market."

[Source: press release]