Caption Contest: Real-life Super Mario party searches for Princess Peach

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|11.06.11

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Caption Contest: Real-life Super Mario party searches for Princess Peach
Mamma Mia -- it's 'a me whole lot of Marios! If we were you, Bowser, we'd return Her Majesty to Mushroom Kingdom at once. Okay, okay... in actuality, the above was merely Nintendo hyping the upcoming US release of its psychedelic-consuming plumber's first 3DS title, Super Mario 3D Land. So there's no need to worry folks, Ms. Peach is safe -- at least until you get your grubby paws on the game come November 13th, that is.

Darren: "Mario has sabotaged the Beastie Boys' redux of Sabotage."
Terrence: "Occupy Mushroom Kingdom."
Joe: "Will the real Super Mario please jump up?"
Mat: "Someone got the infinite lives cheat massively, massively wrong."
Sean: "The Mario family reunion took a turn for the awkward when Luigi realized he was the only attendee out of uniform."
Tim: "It's 'a me... your worst nightmare."
Richard Lai: "I ate the wrong mushroom."
Jon: "After defeating multiple Agent Smiths, Neo finds that he advances to level 2 in the Matrix..."
Brian: "Moments later, the mob located a pet store, went to town on the turtle tank and escaped safely through the toilet."
Myriam: "Where's Waldo?"
Zach Honig: "Darn it, Myriam... you took mine!"
Billy: "The first rule of Project Mayhem is..."
Brad: "This would've made that lousy Super Mario Bros. movie a whole lot better."
Amar: "King Hippo + $2 Taco Night = this"
Richard Lawler: "And not a single flying Cape Feather was given that day."
Josh Fruhlinger: "Another Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn."
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