Korg launches two new Monotrons, Duo and Delay: the clues are in the names (video)

Remember when Korg dropped a bomb with its pocket-sized-pocket-money Monotribe synth last spring? Well it's done it again, and this time with two analog boxes of badness to salivate over - the Duo and the Delay. Those aren't just cute names, either; both feature the same ribbon based sonic goodness as before, but the Delay packs a dub-tastic space delay, and the Duo rocks a second oscillator, for those juicy thick timbres. No word on price or availability just yet, but we're guessing they'll pop up for around the same as the original -- around $60 -- which is almost as pleasing to the ears as the Monotron's themselves. Check the videos after the jump to see / hear both in action.