Microsoft taps Samsung VP Gavin Kim to be new Windows Phone GM

The last Windows Phone General Manager, Charlie Kindel, may have been a longtime Microsoft vet, but the company's looked beyond Redmond for his permanent replacement. As BGR reports, Microsoft has snagged Samsung's VP of of consumer and enterprise services, Gavin Kim, to lead the Windows Phone product team. In describing his new role, Kim tells BGR that he'll "be responsible to help set the future direction for the Windows Phone platform and to accelerate Microsoft's trajectory to win the hearts and minds of consumers, carriers, device manufacturers, developers and partners." At Samsung, Kim most recently worked on the company's various Galaxy products, and he unsurprisingly remains complimentary of the company, noting that it has a "very bright future ahead of itself," and that he expects a "tremendous amount of synergy between Microsoft and Samsung." BGR's full interview is at the source link below.