Editor Walter Murch is feeling better about Final Cut Pro X

When Final Cut Pro X debuted, it caused a stir in the professional video editing world. Long a standard tool for feature film editors, the latest version of Final Cut was designed more for the prosumer, and left some pro editors with a bad taste for the update. In a recent interview with Rick Young of MacVideo, film and sound editor Walter Murch discusses this new role of Final Cut Pro X.

Murch makes several key points about FCPX's role in video literacy and how its friendly interface makes it easy for students and new users to develop video editing skills. Looking beyong consumers, he's also hopeful Apple will gradually beef up the application and let third-party developers create tools that'll make Final Cut Pro X useful for the professional.

He sees FCPX as a tool that will gradually straddle the old world of analog-based non-linear video editing and the new digital-based future. Murch is not sure Apple can pull this off and create a tool that appeals to both the professional and the consumer, but if it does, FCPX could be the foundation for a new NLE ecosystem.

The 20-minute talk is an excellent commentary on the future of Final Cut Pro and film editing, in general. You can watch the full interview on MacVideo's website.