Siri talks to Mac 512k, plays telephone with intermediary computers

Possibly fueled by the same geeky instinct that pushes our kind to build SD card readers for ancient game consoles and port Doom to justabouteverything, YouTube user Napabar recently bridged the 27 year gap between the Macintosh 512k and the iPhone 4S. That's right, Siri and the Fat Mac are talking. Sort of. Most of the heavy lifting is being done by a pair of intermediary machines, an iMac that's been configured to run an AppleScript upon receipt of a Siri dictated email, and a bridge computer that passes on the resulting text file to the Mac 512K's floppy drive. Result? Dictate an email to Siri, get a text file with its contents on the Mac 512k. Old and new technology, talking like old pen-pals. And to think, all it took was two middlemen.