WIMM One Android wearable gets developer release

A few months back we got hands-on with a new wearable Android device called the WIMM One. You may remember the one-inch square touchscreen device packed a silly amount of tech -- Bluetooth, accelerometer, WiFi, etc -- into its diminutive form. Well now it's back, and is available to any developer willing to drop $299 on it. Since we last strapped it to our wrists, WIMM has created a dev community with forums for those keen to build, create and share micro apps for the device. Dedicated apps for Android and Blackberry devices are imminent, and iOS is in the post. A few dedicated apps are already surfacing, including a port of the popular SportyPal app, but we expect this number to grow pretty quickly from today. We've got one here ready to go, so we'll be putting it through its paces -- or the other way around -- real soon.

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Developers Can Now Build Micro Applications and Accessories for Wearable Technology

LOS ALTOS, Calif. – November 9, 2011 – WIMM Labs announced today that they will begin shipping the WIMM One Developer Preview Kit to registered developers. As part of today's announcement, WIMM Labs also commenced a call for all developers to join the WIMM One developer program.
The WIMM One Developer Preview will give developers the ability to create more personal and intuitive applications that break through the access barriers of typical mobile technology. "The universal value of the WIMM platform is a new type of glanceable interaction delivered on our touch screen-driven wearable package that's smaller than a matchbox", said Tim Twerdahl, Vice President at WIMM Labs. "Throughout the day, Micro Apps help keep people focused on the task at hand. From a pedometer that encourages a healthier lifestyle to cross-training sports companions that push athletes past their performance goals. From coffee payments on the wrist to call alerts that keep eyes on the road. We're also working with Micro Apps for presentation control, home security settings, instant messaging and pill reminders. Our vision extends far beyond a single purpose device."
Fundamental to the WIMM Platform is the 36x32mm module with an elegant, full color touch screen interface. The WIMM One module comes pre-loaded with a selection of beta productivity Micro Apps, and developers will have the ability to upload and test new Micro Apps in the WIMM forums. While the WIMM One runs Micro Apps autonomously, it also pairs seamlessly with Android®, Blackberry and iOS smartphones.
The WIMM Platform features:
• Always-On Access – Dynamic activity feeds and alerts
• Full-Color Touch Screen – Rich visual experiences and effortless navigation
• Robust Connectivity – Connection to Internet via Wi-Fi; Bluetooth pairing
• Accelerometer and Magnetometer – Built-in sensors for accurate motion tracking
• Web-based Management – Module and application management through any desktop or mobile device

A video introduction to the WIMM Platform is available here

Commitment to Developers
In order to help developers design Micro Apps, WIMM Labs is opening its SDK, HDK and providing expanded tools including emulators, guides, and forums.
"Because the WIMM Platform is based on a modified version of Android, the construction of a Micro App is simple. But WIMM Labs' developers have an opportunity to rethink the user experience for their applications, taking advantage of the simplicity and immediacy of this new class of devices," said Ted Ladd, Director of Developer Relations at WIMM Labs. "With our HDK and SDK, WIMM developers can now experience their Micro Apps in real settings and genuinely feel their impact. We're excited to get their input and work with them on early ideas that will change the way people interact with personal technology."
The WIMM One Developer Preview Kit
The WIMM One Developer Preview Kit is now available for $299 in limited quantities to all interested developers with a US shipping address. The kit includes:
• WIMM One Module
• Black wrist strap
• Charging kit: paddle charger, USB cable and power adapter
• Pre-installed beta Micro Applications include Calendar, Weather, World Clock, Alarm and Stopwatch. Beta Micro Apps can be previewed here.
To Purchase a WIMM One Developer Preview Kit visit our online store here. To download the SDK or HDK click here.

Connect with WIMM to learn more
If you are an interested developer anxious to know more, details and additional developer program incentive announcements will take place on the WIMM Labs' twitter handles: @wimmdev, @wimmlabs.
About WIMM Labs
WIMM Labs is a Silicon Valley-based company that offers an innovative wearable platform that enables developers and licensees to build a wide range of wearable applications and devices. The WIMM Labs management team includes former executives from Intel, Rambus, Palm, Apple, Zing/Dell, Nuance, Netflix/Roku and Pogo/EA. To learn more, visit