Advertisement upgrade will add new Social features, support for Xbox Live Beacons

The Xbox 360 hasn't received its new coat of paint for the fall yet, but Microsoft just announced will be seeing similar changes in "the coming days." The old "My Xbox" section is getting the boot in favor of a "Social" area that lets you keep track of your XBL friends, thanks to some of the new features enabled by the upcoming dashboard update. Before the dash update is released, users can check out Beacons that let them mark which games they're willing to play, or check out a friends activity page that resembles recent additions to Facebook and Twitter by informing you what friends are up to in real-time. Also revamped is the video section that lets users buy or rent movies and TV shows for viewing on their console, Windows Phone or Zune. Hit the source link for a few more screens of its Metro UI-fashioned new face and additional details, we'll let you know when it all goes live.