Timber! iOS and Android take 60 percent cut of mobile gaming dollars

The last time we reported on these figures, paid iOS and Android games were chipping away happily at the US market share of those two old oaks, Sony and Nintendo. Well, peer through the cloud of leaves and sawdust and you'll see that the job is done: the two newcomers will generate $500 million more than DS and PSP titles this year, according to stats from Flurry. Click past the break to see the trend since 2009 crystallized into a cold, hard pie chart.

On the other hand, there's a bit of good news for everybody: the overall American mobile gaming market is growing at a rapid pace -- this year's total revenue of $3.3 billion represents a 25 percent increase on 2010, so new devices like the PlayStation Vita and the Transformer Prime should find plenty of room to take seed.