Sony announces UMD Passport program in Japan, offers Vita PSN discounts to UMD owners

When Sony mentioned that the Vita wouldn't support the PSP's existing UMD library, we had to wonder what would become of the little discs. Sony hinted that something was on the way for physical media aficionados at TGS, but wasn't ready to go into detail yet. Today, however, SCEJ announced the UMD Passport program -- a service that will let Japanese PSP owners register UMD games through a PSP app to secure discounts for repurchasing titles on the new console. The discounted games average between ¥500-1,000 (about $6 and $13, respectively) a pop, but can go for as high as ¥2,400. The UMD registration app hits the Japanese PlayStation store on December 6th, and Sony hopes to make the system compatible with roughly 200 titles. Hit the source links below for Sony's official press release and an initial list of Passport compatible games, in Japanese, of course.