$100 Kobo Touch with Offers ships in '2-3 weeks,' serves you ads between reads for a one-time discount

Well, would ya look at this? Apparently, Kobo's unceremoniously launched a new variant of the Touch eReader on its webstore -- this time "with offers," priced at $99.99 (down from the regular's $130). According the company, this six-incher is identical to its original Kobo Touch, but will display advertisements when you're not reading -- namely, while it's off, in sleep mode and across other "discreet" areas when it's on. Notably, the device is only available in the US in black and currently unavailable for pre-order, although Kobo's listed it as "shipping within two to three weeks." There's no word on what sorts of "sponsored content" you can expect to see, but we'd bet that Amazon-related items won't be on the table. Ad-tolerating eBook aficionados will find all the details at the source link below.