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Logitech Alert Video Security System gets Dropbox support, lets you park 100GB of footage in the cloud

We liked Logitech's Alert Video Security System when we took it for a week-long spin last year, which at that point allowed remote access to live HD camera footage, and video stored on your PC. But a new partnership with Dropbox adds cloud storage to the equation, letting you boot video directly to the web to supplement the PC- and microSD-based options already in place. Packages are available today, and come with 2GB of storage for free, 50GB for $10 per month or 100GB for $20 per month -- Logitech isn't exactly giving away the service, but when you consider that a bare-bones Alert system costs $300, those virtual add-ons sound a bit more reasonable. Jump past the break for the full rundown from Logitech, and get ready to beef up those passwords -- having your email account hacked is one thing, but you certainly don't want anyone watching you at home, in real-time or the past.

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Logitech Alert Adds Dropbox Storage

Over a year ago we introduced our Logitech Alert™ HD digital video security system that helps you watch over the people and places you care about the most. Today, I am happy to announce that you can now opt to have secure remote storage for your Logitech Alert videos.

With Dropbox – in addition to existing Logitech Alert on-camera video storage and PC video backup – you now have an additional storage option that gives you even more piece of mind. Whether at home or on the road, Dropbox's automatic backup and password protection helps ensure that the Logitech Alert HD videos backed up to your PC are automatically and safely uploaded to the cloud. Dropbox uses the same security methods as banks for data transfer and storage – adding that additional layer of data protection – so you can be confident saved videos will remain protected and private.

Starting today, Logitech Alert users can access a bevy of Dropbox storage packages – ranging from an initial free service for up to 2 GBs, to an upgraded 50 GB service for $9.99 per month and 100 GBs for $19.99 per month. Once you sign up for an account and download Dropbox, simply configure your storage settings within Logitech Alert Commander and the Dropbox software. As long as both Dropbox and Logitech Alert Commander are running, Logitech Alert footage will automatically sync with your Dropbox account transferring and storing security video files.