HP TouchPad Go gets stopped for more close-up photography

We're unlikely to ever get our grubby mitts on a final model, but that hasn't stopped a developmental flavor of this seven-inch slab getting another going over in China. Unceremoniously revealed as the TouchPad Go in FCC filings earlier this year, this seven-inch tablet packs in 32GB of Sandisk storage alongside 1GB of RAM, plus 3G bells and GPS whistles. Palm Joy notes that the tiddly TouchPad is flatter than the original, with the physical button centered on the longer side and an additional rear-facing five megapixel camera. The back of this tablet also has a Pre-esque matte finish, nixing the fingertip-magnet gloss of its bigger brother. You can grab another shot after the break, but if that doesn't quench your thirst there's plenty more at the source link.