Microsoft eyes new category for Windows Embedded, envisions intelligent systems for everyday objects

Microsoft's fixin' to get its Windows platform inside, well, everything. That's according to GM of Windows Embedded, Kevin Dallas, who says the tech giant is on track to create a new category for the division that centers around "intelligent systems." It appears the time is ripe for "low-cost... high-powered microchips" to take advantage of MS' emerging cloud services and integrate means of delivering data and immersive experiences to both enterprise and commercial end users, like in-car systems or point of sale terminals. Need a more specific visual of where this heavy-handed business jargon's headed? Dallas claims customers in the medical industry are eager to implement Kinect's gesture-based tracking into future equipment, so pretty soon you won't have to worry about shaky hands splicing into your vital organs. And all of this is coming relatively soon, as good 'ol Redmond plans to make its Windows Embedded platforms available shortly after the release of Windows 8 for PCs. So hold tight, there's a brave new world coming and Microsoft's holding the keys.