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Samsung Captivate Glide, Doubletime and Pantech Pocket join AT&T's Android brigade on November 20th

Two flavors of TouchWiz and an oddly-dimensioned handset are making their way to AT&T's lineup come next week. Sammy's QWERTY duo, the Tegra 2-powered Captivate Glide and Froyo-based Doubletime, along with Pantech's uniquely formed Pocket will make their US carrier debut on November 20th, offering a little bit of everything for Joe Consumer. There's no official word on the contracted pricing for this Android trio, but you shouldn't have to wait much longer for that essential bit of info.

Update: And just like that, official pricing for AT&T's latest trio has arrived. If you're curious, both the Pocket and Doubletime will retail for $50, while Sammy's Captivate Glide will set you back a solid $150. Naturally, each of these figures assume you'll sign a new contract. If you're of the skeptical type, just hop the break for confirmation.