T-Mo invites us to 'Experience the World of T-Mobile & Google' with Busta Rhymes as our guide

We're still having fun coming up with reasons why Google decided to have its next "special event" in Los Angeles -- popular choices include "easy access to geothermal power" and "trying to help LA fall into the sea, already" -- but now things are looking a little more clear. A star-studded event happening later that night has been announced, hosted by T-Mobile and featuring Drake, Maroon 5, Busta Rhymes, Dirty South and R3hab. That's nice, but we're more curious about what kind of hardware we'll be seeing. Could this be why Verizon backed down from its "exclusive" stance on the Galaxy Nexus? Does the big boombox up on the billboard mean Google Music will be getting a proper launch, or just that Busta will be rocking it old school? We'll see on Wednesday night.