Insert Coin: SeeMeCNC H-1 cuts entry price to the world of 3D printing

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Maybe it was the Turtle Shell racers, or the ability to crowdsource homes for crabs, but we're enthralled with the potential of 3D printers. Now, SeeMeCNC is looking to offer up its skeletal H-1 as "the most affordable" entry-level three-dimensional printer available. Its design roots come from the open source RepRap's latest self-replicating machine, the Huxley. However, there are a few differences here. SeeMeCNC has replaced several parts for injection molding, which apparently shaves a substantial chunk off the manufacturing costs. This includes using plastic roller bearings instead of metal bearings, while the machine has also been readjusted to inch measurements. Fans of the imperial system and 3D printing antics can peer beyond the break to judge whether the cut-price printer will still cut the mustard.

The project is looking to raise $2,500 to fund the materials for the remaining injection molds and it'll take a $350 donation to get you the full H-1 kit (you'll have to make it yourself), but the project also gratefully accepts donations as low as $1, in exchange for a name-check. Manufacturer PartDaddy (aka Steve Wygant) promises that the H-1 will ship by mid-December. Enthusiastic printing philanthropists can even visit the PartDaddy store on Fridays -- as long as you email ahead to let them know.

Previous project update: With just 31 days to go, the modular circuit board collective known as BoardX has raised just shy of $6,000, but it still has a way to go to reach its $25,000 target, so dig deep readers.