Massively Exclusive: WindSlayer 2 dev diary talks in-game events

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.15.11

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Massively Exclusive: WindSlayer 2 dev diary talks in-game events
Windslayer 2 - GM event
Hello 2-D sidescrolling fans, and welcome to another exclusive Windslayer 2 developer diary. We've partnered with Ignited Games to bring you a series of first looks at the title as it moves through beta and toward its official release. So far we've covered a basic introduction, ranged class mechanics, and PvP.

Today we're shifting gears a bit to focus on in-game events. Ignited is currently focusing on both scripted events and GM-driven events, and both are designed to add a bit of flavor and give players an interesting diversion from everyday gameplay. See what's in store after the break.

Windslayer 2 - GM event
WindSlayer 2: Event Mania!

Greetings Slayers!

Today I'll be making another entry in the developer's diary of WindSlayer 2. I will be discussing one of the more entertaining and rewarding aspects that bring people together... Events! There are several categories of events that you will encounter in WindSlayer 2. These are Scripted Events and GM (Game Master) Events. All these events are posted on our website beforehand to give enough time for as many people to attend as possible. Let us take a look at the differences to see which (if not all) you would be interested in taking part in.

The first type of event I'll talk about is Scripted Events. This type of event is usually run through the holidays or when new content is being introduced. Typically the events can be found by visiting Eventia, the Event Announcer or Nocolas, who are both located in each of the major cities. These events usually have rewards that are quite collectible and rare since they are only available during the event time period. You might even encounter never before seen enemies that will test the endurance and strength of you and your friends.

You might also encounter hordes of monsters invading a town or certain location. This type of event is run by a GM and is usually done to entertain players and assist with gaining experience (or losing some with death *evil grin*). The types of monsters can range from giant frogs to an army of evil bunnies bent on taking over Ozi Village to an outbreak of demented robots. The launch of Open Beta also brought forth a truly powerful and evil being known as the Minotauron who laid waste to many Slayers before it was ultimately defeated.

There are also events that focus on speed or knowledge and not just obliterating monsters. During a Hide N' Seek event make sure to pay close attention to the server announcements which will provide you with clues on the location of GMs. If you find them, you will be well rewarded. You truly never know what is going to happen with our dedicated team of GMs on the prowl.

This is just a quick summary of some of the events that are held regularly in WindSlayer 2. There are quite a bit more, but we'd like you to join us and partake in them yourself!

You can find more information on our website and also on our Facebook page about upcoming events and more!
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