MIT student creates tesla coil musical hat for Halloween, survives

Some of us express our über-geeky tendencies by building Tron lightcycle case mods, or playing with Arduino. While others tend to err on the side of... insanity. MIT student Tyler Christensen would probably fall into that latter category, most recently strapping a tesla coil (and associated capacitors) to his head. The result is seriously impressive, and no animals (or humans) were harmed in the making of his costume -- though the DRSSTC (Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil) didn't fare so well, considering that it "blew up" the day before the holiday weekend. Christensen still had a chance to test the contraption on camera before the incident, however, walking around town while zapping the sky to the tune of the Harry Potter theme song -- a seemingly appropriate selection. Check it out in the video after the break.