Acer A700 and A701 tabs leak on support site, sporting Tegra 3 and full HD displays

Don't think that ASUS is going to be having all of the Tegra 3 fun by itself, Acer appears to have a pair of Iconia-branded tabs on the way also sporting NVIDIA's quad-core mobile chip. The A700 and A701 are showing up as hardware profiles over at the company's support site. The XML file doesn't give away too much in the specs department, but it does list the devices as having a screen size of 1920 x 1200. Seriously! We're talking about a panel of higher res than your 42-inch TV shrunk down to a portable device. The screen's physical dimensions aren't specified, but we imagine this is at least a 10-inch slate (otherwise, you're gonna be doing a lot of squinting). When exactly the WiFi-only A700 and GSM-equipped A701 might ship is anyone's guess, but it looks like they'll be doing so with Honeycomb instead of Android 4.0.