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Google Music available on T-Mobile devices, track purchases can be direct billed

T-Mobile just announced at Google's "These Go To Eleven" event that it will enable tracks purchased through Google Music to be direct billed to its subscribers. Exclusive content will also be available for T-Mobile customers for free -- you'll be able to grab tracks from Drake, Maroon 5, Busta Rhymes and other artists to be announced later. When asked when this will be ready for primetime, we were told that no ETA has been set so far, so it sounds like there's still a few ducks that aren't in a row quite just yet. T-Mo seems pretty confident that its network will be able to handle the massive explosion of data usage that will likely follow -- a pretty impressive feat, given the carrier's proclamation that 75 percent of its phones are smartphones, and 90 percent of those run Android -- and we're confident that we want to take advantage of that capacity to our best abilities.