Photographer Annie Leibovitz recommends iPhone as a camera

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Photographer Annie Leibovitz recommends iPhone as a camera

In the world of photography, there's one person who stands out for her classic portraits of such notables as John Lennon, Bill Gates, Sting and Queen Elizabeth II -- Annie Leibovitz. In a televised interview with MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, Leibovitz expounded on the use of the iPhone as the "snapshot camera of today."

Williams had asked Leibovitz what her answer was to people who asked her what kind of camera to buy, which prompted the photographer to start talking about the iPhone. She said "It's a pencil, it's a pen, it's a notebook..." and is amazed by how many people show her photographs of their children by pulling out an iPhone like "the wallet with the family pictures." In what could be a line from a future Apple ad, she even makes the comment that the iPhone is "so accessible and easy."

Be sure to check out the video (just watch out for the ads, though...).

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