Skype Beta for Mac and Windows adds Facebook-to-Facebook calling, monitor tans to get even darker

Because your friends are your Facebook, Skype's deepening its integration with the social network and making video chats to your roster of pals possible from within its own app. The popular VoIP service began powering video calling on the site this past summer and is now extending that reach with two new iterations of its software. Both Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows and Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac will offer users the option to link accounts and keep their circle of online friends closer with in-app voice and video calling. Thought you were going to wean off that IV drip of Zuck's ubiquitous collage of human minutiae? Sorry, friends, we're all in this together. Every single day and every word you say -- we'll be watching you... cuz that's what friends are for, so thank you for being a friend or, well, you get the point.