Some iPhone 4S owners reporting ominous 'No SIM card installed' messages

Could it be that Apple's latest smartphone is plagued with a troubling design flaw? Just ask the handful of iPhone 4S users who've experienced issues with their SIM cards, and they'll tell you this is very much the case. While we have no reason to believe a majority of iPhone 4S owners are affected, the problem appears to span across numerous carriers and parts of the globe -- even Sprint and Verizon Wireless users aren't immune. Some report resolving the problem with a new SIM card, while others have reason to believe it's the reader itself. Then there's a group known as Woo Servers, which suggests the malfunction is related to a short circuit caused by a design flaw with the SIM card tray. They've provided a detailed list of instructions to remedy the problem, with a simple piece of tape as the cure. Sadly, not everyone seems to benefit from the advice. So, Cupertino, care to lend a hand?